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The Pinterest Project

a complete guide to marketing your online brand with Pinterest


You’ve worked so hard to build your online business

Countless hours have gone into product development or crafting service packages for your future clients — .you’ve spent days or even weeks creating your website, drafting emails, and fighting the ever-changing algorithm on social media.

But despite your efforts, you sign in to your inbox or your online store and see nothing.

Zero sales, zero emails from prospective clients, zero traffic…and your heart drops to your feet. You’ve put all the other pieces of the puzzle together but haven’t quite figured out how to get more people to see your brand and convert them to paying customers or clients.

But what if you don’t have an online business?


Maybe you’ve been spending those same countless hours starting and growing your blog

You sit in front of your computer creating content, setting up your email marketing, and searching for collaboration opportunities — you’ve also spent days or weeks creating your website and trying to stand out on social media.

But just like the online business owner, you sign in to your site and see nothing

Your analytics are flat-lining. Your traffic is at an all time low and your efforts on social media just aren’t converting like you had so desperately hoped it would. Again, you’ve put everything else together but haven’t figured out how to attract your audience to your blog.

I get it — I really do. Just a couple years ago I found myself in that exact place.

Before I get into the details, in case we haven’t met before, hi! My name is Elizabeth and I’m a former elementary school teacher turned blogger and online business owner.

When I launched my first business I had no idea how to market my brand online or get more customers to my online store. Around that time I had also relaunched my blog but struggled to grow my audience and get subscribers onto my email list.

I wasn't seeing my efforts on social media convert to sales, subscribers, or readers — and on top of that, I was beyond frustrated with the ever-changing algorithms that made it so hard to grow an audience. I knew I had great content that others would love, but I just couldn’t seem to get their attention.

I tried leveraging Instagram, Facebook, and even did some SEO work, but I still felt that my efforts were barely getting me anywhere. Social media proved to be helpful for finding leads through private groups and DM’s, but it took me hours — sometimes even days — to find the next opportunity.

All of this left me feeling terrified of getting lost in the shuffle and having to close up shop or walk away from my blog.

I knew there was something I had to do to shake things up.

How to grow your blog or website traffic with Pinterest
Grow your blog traffic or increase your website traffic with Pinterest

When I was trying to figure out how to market my online business and bring more traffic to my websites, I started reading about Pinterest. I combed through research articles, studies, courses, experimented on my own -- you name it.

It became very clear to me that Pinterest wasn't just for creating vision boards, browsing DIY's, or finding new recipes anymore -- it was also an essential and effective marketing tool for online creatives.

This was a tool that brought people more traffic, leading to more clients, customers and loyal readers. After doing a little more digging, I figured I'd give it a try to see what the buzz was all about. Once I learned how to use Pinterest strategically and consistently, my blog traffic more than tripled in my first month of using this incredible tool.

Since then, I've helped my clients and readers significantly increase their website traffic too -- bringing in new customers, new clients, and readers. To this day, Pinterest continues to be the number one source of traffic on my websites, and it's recently doubled my traffic once again.

With this method, I was able to grab the attention of hundreds, if not thousands, by automatically scheduling my marketing efforts for two weeks at a time in just one or two nights.

My personal results from the end of 2018 when I first started using Pinterest (around October of that year) to bring traffic to my blog:

  • In the first month, I went from having virtually non-existent page views to over 1,000 by following the steps outlined in the course

  • I never paid for a single ad on social media or Pinterest — this was all free traffic

  • I was able to increase my income by 1400% just from using Pinterest alone

  • After implementing these strategies I saw consistent traffic coming to my site directly from Pinterest every single day

how to grow your website traffic with pinterest

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On the Fence? 

It took me nearly an entire year to conduct research, compile information and fine tune this method that I teach you inside the course — by enrolling you’ll save yourself the time and headache I went through when I was first trying to figure out how to take advantage of Pinterest marketing.

We'll go into great detail in the course as to why you should be using Pinterest as a marketing tool, but here are a few reasons to get you started:

✓ It's completely free to set up your business account on Pinterest

✓ You don't have to pay to be seen in the form of ads or promoted content

✓You don't have to deal with frustrating, ever-changing algorithms like we experience on Instagram and Facebook

✓ You don't have to try and understand tricky SEO practices

✓ Everything is in one convenient place so no more searching through blog posts, combing through research, or trying to figure it all out on your own

Know that when you enroll in the course, I'm going to be teaching you exactly how I bring new customers, readers and clients to my websites every single day.

the ultimate pinterest marketing course

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