More Traffic. More Readers. More Customers.

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Are you tired of low website traffic?

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Are you frustrated with trying to convert your social media followers to paying customers, clients or readers on your blog?

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Are you wondering how you can bring more traffic to your website?

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Well, my friend — then you’ve come to the right place!


Hi there! I’m Elizabeth and I’m a former elementary school teacher turned blogger and entrepreneur. As I’ve grown my online businesses, I’ve realized my true passion lies in helping other current and aspiring female creatives start and grow their own online brands. I started my very first blog nearly a decade ago, but realized I had to do something different to bring massive, consistent traffic to my blog and business websites.

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Before I knew what my plan of action would be, I found myself in a very complicated, and admittedly frustration situation:

I had launched my first business but didn’t know how to market my brand online

  • I relaunched my blog but struggled to grow my audience

  • I was fearful of getting lost in the shuffle and having to close up shop

  • I wasn’t seeing my efforts on social media convert

  • I was constantly comparing myself to other successful brands and bloggers

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Sound familiar?

After doing a lot of research, combing through studies, articles, taking courses, experimenting on my own — you name it — I found what I like to refer to as the secret sauce to growing a successful online brand.

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This was a tool that didn’t involve frustrating algorithms, complicated SEO practices, or growth that was as slow as a freaking sloth (ahem, Instagram).

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This was a tool that led to:

FREE, consistent website traffic

Significant growth

Views that were actually converting

Marketing on autopilot

A second business

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The tool?

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Yup, Pinterest.

When I started using Pinterest strategically and consistently, my website traffic more than tripled in just one month. Now 80-90% of my website traffic — across all of my websites — comes exclusively from Pinterest, and my traffic has once again doubled. In this course I’ve created I’m going to teach you exactly how I got those results.

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Here’s what you can expect from this training, The Pinterest Project:

  • Lifetimes access to all 11 modules, packed with detailed, step-by-step videos

  • FREE  Pinterest Project Planner workbook to complete assignments and keep your information organized

  • FREE Pinterest Project Ebook containing everything from the course, but in detailed, written form

  • FREE PDFs of all course content

  • FREE private access to all training videos and tutorials

  • A special affiliate program to promote the course and earn a commission

  • Notifications of any future updates to course content

  • PLUS access to exclusive discounts, announcements and a special virtual group where you can ask any and all questions as you navigate the course

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Ready to jump right in?

On the fence?

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll cover in the course:

Module 1: Why Pinterest?
Module 2: Busting Common Pinterest Myths
Module 3: Setting Up Your Pinterest Strategy
Module 4: Creating or Converting to a Business Account
Module 5: Creating and Optimizing Boards
Module 6: Creating + Optimizing Your First Pin
Module 7: Pinning 101
Module 8: Using Tailwind
Module 9: Understanding Your Analytics
Module 10: Making Money on Pinterest
Module 11: Bonus Content