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you need a beautiful, professional website without hiring a web designer

you want to save yourself the thousands of dollars it costs to work with a reputable designer, and you don’t have time to look for potential candidates.

you need an affordable way to create a branded website, and you need to be ready to launch as soon as possible.

You fully recognize the value and practicality of hiring a professional web designer, but it’s just not what you’re looking for right now.

Even though you’re confident in your decision, you’re not quite sure how to go about creating your own website.

Should you watch all the tutorials on YouTube?

Should you hop from blog to blog and try to piece together all the tips that are offered?

Should you download and print out all the free resources you can find, only to never get around to reading them?

Should you just wing it and hope for the best?

It just feels too daunting and too confusing doing it that way.

plus you just don’t have extra time to comb through and piece together all the resources that are out there.

the longer you try to do the research, learn from dozens of people with conflicting opinions, and put off building your website, the longer you’re losing opportunities and business.

You’re missing out on potential sales, clients, or loyal readers by putting off creating your own website.



if only there was something to show you how to create a website quickly, without compromising the design, so you can finally get your brand online

something that’s easy to follow

something that isn’t going to take ages to complete

something that provides you with actionable, step-by-step tutorials and resources all in one convenient place

something that’s taught by an experienced website designer

— introducing —

Build It With Squarespace: The Essentials

a course designed to teach you how to create and launch your website on Squarespace in as little as one week

I’ve created this course just for you

so you can go from confused to confident and create a beautiful website for your brand without breaking the bank

The Build It With Squarespace Essentials course is designed to take the guesswork out of creating a beautiful, professional and modern website on Squarespace, saving you time, money and lots of confusion.

No more searching through countless blogs, articles or YouTube videos for the right instructions, no more fumbling your way through other website platforms, and no more putting off launching your website because you aren’t sure where to begin.

Everything you need is right here for you in one convenient place

Inside the virtual training, you’ll learn the ins and outs of working with and designing on Squarespace so you can have your website up and running in as little as one week.

✓ You need something that is going to allow you to launch as soon as possible without compromising the quality of your design.

✓ You need something that is far from overwhelming and is going to provide you with easy-to-follow steps so you can apply what you’re learning to your own website.

✓ You need something that is affordable so you can put your money towards other important things in your brand and your personal life.

And you need an experienced web designer leading the way

how to build a website with squarespace

meet your instructor

how to build a website with squarespace

Elizabeth Sawchak

Just over a year ago I left my career as an elementary school teacher to run my web design business full-time. I currently specialize in Squarespace and custom coding for other female business owners, bloggers and creatives around the world.

As my business grew, I learned there was more I could offer than just collaborative, professional web designs for my 1:1 clients — the more women I helped, the more I realized there are a lot of you who want to learn how to DIY your own website on Squarespace. I also realized there are a lot of you who might not be ready to invest in a web designer, and some of you may even want to learn how to design on Squarespace so you can start offering your own web design services, too.

My natural desire to educate led me to creating this course — as you progress through each lesson, you’ll go from confused to confident in your Squarespace skills and be ready to launch your site in as little as one week! This course is self-paced so you can take as much time as you need learning and creating your own website.


— what to expect —

Build It With Squarespace: The Essentials

a course designed to teach you how to create and launch your website on Squarespace in as little as one week


✓ 8 lessons and mini lessons filled with step-by-step videos, worksheets and guides

✓ 5 bonus mini lessons filled with advanced tweaks and helpful resources

✓ Two LIVE site-builds so you can see how to build and design a site in real time

✓ Lifetime access to all course contents, including future updates

✓ A 20% discount on the Build It With Squarespace: Advanced Methods

✓ Free access to the private course-members-only Facebook group for additional support

— course details —


Lesson 1 — Preliminary Design Tasks
Fill out your brand discovery questionnaire and get started on your vision board

Lesson 2 — Getting Started with Squarespace
Learn how to sign up for your Squarespace account and get a behind the scenes look at the platform we’re working with

Lesson 3 — Choosing a Template or Custom Builder
We’ll compare your options on screen so you start off on the right foot!

Lesson 4 — Building
You’ll learn how to create the foundation of your website and how to use the drag and drop blocks to create your site and page layout. You’ll also learn how to use specific content blocks and other key features to building out your site


Lesson 5 — Designing with Site Styles
Learn how to customize your site by making both general and advanced tweaks

Lesson 6 — Blogging + Ecommerce
We’ll dive into setting up your blog or online store on Squarespace so you can run your brand smoothly and efficiently

Lesson 7 — Integrations
I’ll show you how to integrate your social media and email marketing

Lesson 8 — Pre-Launch Tasks
Get ready to launch your website! We’ll talk about some of the most important steps you need to complete before your site goes live for your customers, clients or readers. We wrap things up and make sure you’re ready to hit publish!


— bonus lessons —

Two live site builds
Customizing contact forms
Helpful Resources
…and more!


You deserve a beautiful website on your own terms at an affordable price.

It’s time to stop researching.

It’s time to stop trying to piece it all together.

It’s time to stop missing out on sales, clients and loyal readers.

The lessons inside your virtual training are waiting for you!