Top Five Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

I listen to podcasts every day as a part of my non-negotiable personal development routine. Not only is it an important practice for my mind, but it’s a critical part of growing my business, too. That being said, let’s just jump right in to my top five favorite podcasts, shall we?

Amy Porterfield — Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy is an online marketing genius. A former member of Tony Robbins’ team, Amy currently runs a successful multi-million dollar online brand, and delivers powerful, binge-worthy content every Thursday on her show. Running an online business is hard freaking work, but Amy’s podcast is incredibly informative, helpful and reassuring. Not only does she provide amazing content on her own, but she brings on guests like Marie Forleo, Rachel Hollis, James Wedmore, and Julie Solomon, (just to name a few), who bring powerful insights and their own expertise to the show. I’ve learned so much from Amy and definitely consider her one of my top business mentors. If you’re a current or aspiring online business owner, this is a must-listen. Here are a few episodes to get you started:

top five podcasts for female entrepreneurs
  • Episode #249: The Seven Biggest Fears That Stop People From Building an Online Business (with Marie Forleo)

  • Episode #251: How I’d Grow My Business if I Were Starting From Scratch

  • Episode #254: From Crippling Excuses to Empowered Action (with Rachel Hollis)

  • Episode #226: The 5 Key Areas to Focus on When You’re Just Starting Out

  • Episode #243: The #1 Secret to Playing a Bigger Game in Your Business

The Marie Forleo Podcast (MarieTV)

Can’t watch MarieTV? Marie’s podcast gives you the ability to access her content on the go. I love that many of her episodes are short, simple, and straight to the point. Marie tells you like it is and has over 20 years of experience running an online business. She was even named “a thought leader for the next generation” by OPRAH. Freaking Oprah. If that’s not enough to convince you to listen to Marie’s podcast or watch her YouTube videos, you can listen for yourself by starting with a few of my favorites:

  • Episode #226: 6 Reasons Your Customers Aren’t Buying From You

  • Episode #221: Want More Customers? Here’s How to Find Your People

  • Episode #208: Need a Miracle? Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide from Gabby Bernstein

  • Episode #204: How to Stand Out From the Crowd

  • Episode #154: 6 Little Money Mindset Shift That Pay Off Huge

  • Episode #135: How the Founder of Poo-Pourii Went From Business Failure to a $300 Million Company

  • Episode #4: Tony Robbins on What it Takes to Have an Extraordinary Life

Also, if you want to catch one of my favorite MarieTV videos, I highly recommend watching this interview with Tony Robbins.

Melyssa Griffin — Pursuit with Purpose

I’ve been following Melyssa Griffin for months and recently subscribed to her podcast. I’ve loved what I’ve listened to so far, and really enjoy how she blends business and mindset tips together, because the two truly go hand-in-hand. Melyssa is a seven-figure earner who shares her journey as an online business owner to her listeners. Some of my favorite episodes so far:

  • Everything is Figureoutable (with Marie Forleo)

  • Why Your Biggest Roadblock Is Yourself And How to Fix It (with James Wedmore)

  • Being Boss: How to Create a Life and Business on Your Own Terms (with Emily Thompson)

  • A Millionaire’s Advice on How to Remove Your Money Mindset Blocks to Fully Live in Abundance and Wealth

  • The Best Steps to Take When Starting Your Own Business

Kathrin Zenkina — Manifestation Babe

I give Kathrin tons of credit for the massive mindset shift I’ve had in relation to money. I’ve binged her podcast episodes over and over again, read her book, downloaded all of her free content, and follow her closely on social media. Kathrin is a manifestation expert, and her content has quite literally changed my life. If you need to work on your mindset, or just want to up-level your life or business in general, her podcast is the perfect place to start:

  • Episode #81: 5 Unconventional Wealth Tips That Will Bring You More Money in 2019

  • Episode #76: How to ACT RICH Without Going into Debt or Excessively Spending Money

  • Episode #66: How to Change Your Beliefs

  • Episode #59: How to Manifest the REALLY BIG Desires

  • Episode #56: 4 Ways You Are Resisting Money Without Even Realizing It

Being Boss — Mindset, Habits, Tactics

I’m relatively new to Being Boss but I’m such a big fan already! Hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, these ladies offer valuable mindset, marketing and business tips for creative and entrepreneurial women. They’ve interviewed a number of highly successful women including Chalene Johnson, Danielle LaPorte, and Melissa Hartwig (of Whole30). Some of my go-to episodes:

  • Episode #209: Rest for Productivity

  • Episode #207: Self-Limiting Beliefs and Goal Setting

  • Episode #180: Being Boss as a Freelancer or Employee

  • Minisode: Using Instagram as a Creative Entrepreneur

  • Episode #177: Stop Feeling Like Shit with Andrea Owen

  • Episode #175: Growing a Creative Business with Tara Street

  • Episode #174: Figure it Out as You Go With Cathy Heller

While I could certainly add more to this list, these podcasts are a great place to start if you need to up your personal development game. I love listening to podcasts while I’m driving, working out, showering or making breakfast.

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What are some of your favorite podcasts? I’d love to add more to my list!