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The Biggest Things Holding You Back In Your Life (And How You Can Change Them)

For so many years I found myself in a cycle of “I’ll nevers” and “I can’ts” while constantly comparing myself to everyone who seemed to have everything I wanted. I was so envious of the people who appeared to have it all. I wondered for so long why I couldn’t have what I wanted. It all felt so unattainable. It got to the point where I couldn’t even picture myself having any of these things because it felt so far out of reach. I told myself I’d never to be able to have what I actually wanted, and I would just have to suck it up and accept the fact that I’d be working for the weekend and could only be slightly happy for the rest of my life.

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on gratitude

I am so grateful for that moment. I felt so connected to myself and to my surroundings. Since that moment, though, I've let that practice slip away and feel a deep sense of longing to get back to that place again. The greatest gift of being present though, is it can happen anywhere, anytime. It just takes a little extra work on your end.

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