Female Features 03-05: Susie, Erica + Ashlyn

This week I have THREE amazing women to share with you — since the female feature list is growing, I decided to do weekly blog posts about the ladies I feature every week. Here’s who you need to get to know this weekend:

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Female Feature 02: Elena From Elena Marie

Starting this week, I’m going to continue with the Female Feature series by highlighting a different female blogger or business owner every Monday and Friday. I truly believe there are so many incredible women out there working so hard to pursue their passions that deserve some recognition, which is why I decided to start this series.

This week’s first feature is Elena, a former collegiate swimmer, Kindergarten teacher and style blogger. There’s actually a pretty cool connection Elena and I share, and when I started this series I KNEW I had to have Elena be part of it.

Elena and I actually met a few years ago when she was interning at the school district I taught at. I remember her bright, fun personality and passion for working with young children. I also remember admiring her sense of style, and it is so amazing to see her now sharing that on her blog and Instagram. I’m always so inspired by the outfits she puts together, and love that she shares when she comes across a good sale on some of her favorite brands. She offers helpful styling tips like how to wear a statement necklace, how to style a crisp white button down, and advice on what to wear to a photo shoot. She even has a section on her blog where you can shop directly from the outfits and products she posts on Instagram, and includes a page for her favorite Amazon finds as well.

Since her intern year, Elena has left Pittsburgh and moved to North Carolina (my other favorite state!), where she lives with her husband, teaches full time, and blogs about her latest fashion finds, home decor, and favorite products. We share a fear of birds and a love for organized spaces! She is truly such a sweet soul and I’m grateful to have reconnected with her through social media after our time working together. If you want to stay up to date on her latest finds, get some serious style inspo, and connect with Elena, you can find her blog, Elena Marie: A Style Blog here, and be sure to show her some love over on Instagram at @elena_marie_thomas!

If you or someone you know is a female blogger or business owner and would like to be featured in a future post, please contact me directly at howshedoesitco@gmail.com or send me a message over on Instagram at @howshedoesit.co. I can’t wait to share Friday’s feature with you!


Female Feature 01: Rachel From Zoe Jewelry Designs


I’ve been wanting to talk more about my experience running my own business because it’s a huge reason why I decided to start blogging again. Having a space to connect with other creatives and small business owners, share our experiences and most importantly support each other, is a major reason why I put so much energy into social media and my blog.

Today I want to share a fellow female business owner with you. Rachel from Zoe Jewelry Designs and I connected on Instagram the other week. She shared her beautiful handmade jewelry business with me and we spent some time chatting about being small business owners and what it can be like in the early stages of a new business.

I recently received the necklace I ordered from Rachel and fell in love with it. I love dainty pieces like hers and the feather pendant was right up my alley. She has several other cute pieces on her Etsy Shop and many of them are currently 10% off — plus you can get an additional 10% off by entering the code WELOVEYOU at checkout!


I love that Rachel’s pieces are handmade, dainty and elegant and are suitable for any occasion. Her price point is very reasonable, and any of her items would make gorgeous gifts, especially with the holidays coming up. On her Etsy shop, Rachel shares a beautiful message about her jewelry designs:

“I make all of my jewelry with love and compassion, and hoping to share that same sentiment with you as they make their way to your home. I use the highest quality of metals, and natural gemstones, making them very powerful pieces to wear.”

My next purchase from Rachel will definitely be one of her gemstone bracelets! If you’d love to support another female small business owner, you can check out Rachel’s Instagram over at @zoejewelrydesigns and her Etsy Shop Zoe Jewelry Designs to give her some love!

As both a business owner and a blogger myself, I know how difficult it can be in the beginning. Exposure is key and it’s not easy to do it alone. I want to help other women get the recognition they deserve and show support for their hard work. Having an online presence in the form of a blog or business is a wonderful tool for growth and sales, but it can certainly be challenging at times. I truly believe so many great things can come from us spreading the word and supporting each other here!

Rachel’s feature and my desire to share more about running a small business inspired me to create a new series here and on Instagram, featuring female bloggers and business owners on a bi-weekly or weekly basis. There are some incredible women I’m going to be featuring here soon and I’m so excited to share them with you all over the next several weeks!

If you or someone you know is a small business owner leave their business or blog below — I’d love to check out and support their blog or business however I can!