how to style casual outfits for fall

I am certainly not a fashion blogger. I’ve always had a hard time putting outfits together, and spending money on clothes just isn’t something I find super exciting. Shopping for clothes or picking out what I want to wear is more of a chore for me to be honest. However — I love this time of year because I get to pull out my leggings, casual tees, sweaters, and ankle booties. I have a few basic tees, leggings and pants that I LOVE wearing in the fall, so I figured I’d share a few ideas with you in case your style is similar to mine. I often joke that I call this “lazy girl chic,” because I typically prefer jeans and t-shirts over anything else. All of these outfits are super affordable and can easily be dressed up or dressed down for work, date night, or any fall outing.


Outfit 1: Casual Date Night

I almost always choose comfort over style, but this option gives me the best of both worlds. I wore this the other night when we went to grab dinner at a local bar. I love cold shoulder tops, super high rise leggings, and cute sneakers this time of year. To change up my top, I knotted it in the front for something different. My entire outfit is from Target — super cute AND very affordable! You could even add a flannel around your waist if you want to bring some color to this look, or pair it with a cute baseball cap if you need to hide greasy hair (I probably should’ve done that this night).

When I found these sneakers at Target I knew they’d become a staple in my wardrobe. I literally wear them with just about everything. They are a canvas material and are so comfortable and lightweight. I seriously might head back to Target to see if they have any left on sale just to have another back up pair because I love them that much!


Outfit 2: Sweater Weather

I love a good lightweight cardigan. I have three of these in different colors — all from Old Navy. I also have three of these tees in different colors as well. This white tee is from Old Navy, and is super soft and comfy. It’s long in the front AND the back so it’s perfect to throw on with a pair of leggings to make sure your booty is covered. I love knotting it at the front or the side for a different look if I’m wearing jeans or pants like the ones in this photo. Seriously hands down my favorite tees I’ve ever owned!

I always have such a hard time finding pants that fit me. I’m 5 feet tall, my legs are short, my waist is small BUT my thighs and booty are a bit bigger (I typically wear a medium or large in bathing suit bottoms), which makes finding the perfect fit a little tricky. I was SO happy when I tried these olive cargo pants on for the first time. They are SO comfortable and fit me perfectly. I usually cuff them at the ankle and throw on a pair of booties. Both the pants and booties are from Target and they currently have similar styles the last time I checked. As far as jewelry is concerned, I don’t wear necklaces often, but I love this one from Target to pull the whole outfit together.


Outfit 3: Pop of Fringe

I’m obsessed with fringe during the fall. These booties have a small heel, but are SO comfortable and the fringe detail is so fun! Back when I was teaching full time, I’d wear them to work for the day and my feet wouldn’t complain at all. I’ve even worn them for a night out dancing and have been totally fine! They are from Target last year and one of my favorite footwear purchases I’ve made.

As for my olive tee, it’s the same tee from Old Navy as the outfit above. I knotted this one in the front since my pants sit higher on my waist. These black pants are also from Old Navy, and while they are supposed to be ankle length, they are longer on my short legs, so I always cuff them. These are my go-to black pants and I have gotten SO much wear out of them in the last year or so. This chambray style shirt pull this look together so nicely — I’ve had it for years and wear it often during the cooler months (I believe it’s also from Target).

Most of my current wardrobe is from Target, Old Navy, and a few local boutiques here in Pittsburgh. I get everything from sleepwear, to purses, to jeans from there (PS Target is currently running a sale on their women’s denim right now until Saturday, starting at $15. I’m going to have to grab a pair of jeans!) I’ve recently purged SO much from my closet, and plan to do another one soon. I’ve really been trying to clear out clothes that I don’t wear anymore, and focus on basic, staple pieces of clothing. What I love so much about these outfits, besides how comfortable and affordable they are, is their versatility. I could easily pair each of these tops with any of the bottoms, switch up my shoes, and have several additional outfits to wear. Incorporating more basic pieces into your wardrobe gives you so much flexibility and variety. While I don’t think my style is anything spectacular, I really enjoyed putting these outfits together to share with you. Let me know if you’d like to see more style posts here! What are your go-to fall outfits? I’d love some more inspo!