reputable resources all beginning bloggers need in their life

It’s no secret I’ve had my fair share of blogs over the last several years. Being that I work from home now running my natural bath + body product business, I’ve had some time to dive deeper into the blogging world and have embarked on the journey of combing through what seems to be a never-ending sea of articles, stories, and ideas on how to grow your blog or business.

I’ve been learning so much — from how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or website, to how to maximize hashtags to reach your target audience on Instagram — and I’ve made it a point to spend some time researching all the things whenever I have gaps in my day.

I often go right to Pinterest when I want to learn more about blogging or growing my business, and it’s taken a lot of time and patience to sift through the copious amount of resources out there. Today, I wanted to focus specifically on my favorite resources I’ve found so far for beginning bloggers.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a blog, or are new to blogging, it can be incredibly overwhelming in the beginning. There are a lot of really crappy posts out that there simply state the obvious or try to shove their insanely expensive course down your throat, so it’s always refreshing when you actually find quality information.

I’ll be adding more posts to this topic in the future that get into specifics — like SEO, Instagram and other social media strategies, and resources for growing your e-mail list — but today I wanted to focus on three sources that I trust for blogging in general.

Create And Go — Alex + Lauren were grinding away at their 9-5s while spending every other free moment growing their health + fitness blog (sound familiar?). After an initial failed attempt to start another blog, they found incredible success with their blog, Avocadu, in just under a year and made over $100k in that first year of blogging. They have since gone on to create another highly successful blog and now bring in SIX FIGURES a MONTH from both of their blogs. They are completely transparent and post their income reports and break down where their revenue comes from. In August alone, they earned over $100k. They now travel the world while working remotely on their blogs. You can read more about them here.

There are so many incredible resources on their blog, and each post is HIGHLY detailed and informative. They also upload coinciding videos on their YouTube channel, which is helpful if you don’t have a ton of time to read through their posts. Here are a few of my go-to articles from Create and Go:

Making Sense of Cents — I remember when Michelle first started her blog back in 2011; it was around the same time I began my first attempt at blogging. She was the first blogger I really started following and learning from. After taking some time away from my own blogging, I forgot about Michelle’s blog until recently and started looking through her posts again. I really can’t say enough good things about Michelle and her blog; from how to earn side income, to saving money, to blogging, to traveling — she has a wide variety of topics to explore and a wealth of knowledge to offer to her audience. While I have a long list of favorites on her site, here are a few resources that are a great place to start:

Jenna Kutcher — former photographer, podcaster, social media expert and email list queen, Jenna Kutcher is incredibly knowledgable, inspirational, and refreshingly relatable. A few years ago Jenna had her dream job working in corporate America, but a $300 camera purchase off Craigslist changed everything. Over the years she’s created a multi-million dollar empire and has helped so many people change their lives and grow their businesses. Whether you are a blogger or a business owner, Jenna offers something for everyone. Not to mention her podcast, Goal Digger, is topping the iTunes charts and is packed with highly valuable information and interviews.

While a lot of her posts revolve around photography businesses, she has quite a bit of content that are helpful for bloggers. Check out these resources for some great tips and information:

These posts are amazing sources of information that I highly recommend you check out. All three bloggers offer their own courses on a variety of topics, but you can still find a ton of free information on their sites if you can’t quite afford their courses just yet. I’m currently enrolled in Jenna’s List to Launch Lab and just started Create and Go’s Free 4-Day eCourse on How To Monetize Your Blog. Once I complete each course, I’ll have full reviews posted here that you can read over.

Are you a beginning blogger? What sources have you found to be helpful in your journey?