on mental health


Over on Instagram, I've been talking a lot about mental health lately. 

I’ve been dealing with crippling anxiety for over a week now and it’s honestly the worst it’s been in a while. This time it's hitting me hard, even presenting itself with some physical pain that is tough to describe. I have moments where I'm okay and moments where I struggle to manage the anxious thoughts swirling around in my headspace.

I was starting to feel better the other day so I dove deep into working on my business. The following morning I let myself wake up without an alarm and got to work again right away, feeling a little clearer and a little less anxious.

That same day I posted this photo on my brand’s page to show how excited I was for the new ebook and freebie I created for people like me who need some guidance when it comes to attending craft fairs and vendor shows.

I’m posting it here too to show you that dealing with debilitating anxiety doesn’t always “look” a certain way. The way you feel on the inside isn’t always reflected on the outside. I’m really good at distracting myself and I’ve been forcing myself to keep busy and keep moving to take my mind off the worries that overwhelming my brain. Sometimes something as simple as smiling can boost your mood, even if it’s just for a little.

In the mean time, I’m going to celebrate the launch of my freebie and my ebook — both of which have already been downloaded several times over the last couple of days since they launched. I’m going to celebrate feeling okay right this second. I’m going to celebrate the crap out of any little thing I can today, because that’s what’s helping me right now.