My Favorite Communities for Creative Entrepreneurs

One of my biggest tips for you if you’re starting a blog or a business is to find support. I am a one woman show over here, but I wouldn’t be able to take on all of these responsibilities and challenges without a solid support group. I am lucky to have a family, a handful of friends, and a significant other who support my mission to pursue my passions. As much as they support me though (and as much as I appreciate it), not all of them understand exactly what it’s like to live the lifestyle of an entrepreneur and blogger. It’s a different world for sure, but there are so many ways to find support outside of your core group of friends and family who do get what it’s all about. My favorite support solution: social media communities.

I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference it’s made for me to be part of so many amazing communities for creative entrepreneurs. These communities are mostly Facebook groups filled with like minded individuals, all who are hard working bloggers and business owners. There are several groups that I check in with daily for advice and conversation — these communities are great ways to network, find collaboration opportunities, seek support and grow your brand.

Especially if you are a new(ish) blogger or business owner I HIGHLY recommend finding a couple groups to join. You can start by searching for general or niche-specific groups on Facebook. There are tons of options, but I recommend looking for groups that have at least a few hundred members. Most groups will require you to request to join; many of them have specific rules (so make sure you read them carefully), like no self promoting, dropping links, etc. but will post threads on certain days that allow you to share your links with the group. Others don’t have many rules, so you can feel free to promote your business or your blog however you choose.

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you purchase through my link at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for your support!

The other thing I love about these communities is they are truly so supportive and are so willing to answer your questions. When I first started my business (and my new blog), I had SO many questions and I am forever grateful to the ladies who shared their kind words and advice with me. If you’re looking to get involved in some communities, here is a list of groups that I’m currently loving:

  1. Boss Girl Bloggers — by far my favorite group ever! To give you the scoop, this group is run by Ell Duclos; I’ve mentioned her Pinterest course here before (it’s super affordable and packed with tons of incredibly helpful information on how to grow your blog with Pinterest — I highly, highly recommend you enroll in this as soon as possible). I consider her blog THE bible for bloggers — I’ve learned so much from her! Her group is filled with tons of great advice, and you can submit questions for approval and have other bloggers give you their opinion and feedback! Everyone is so nice and helpful; Ell is SUPER active (which I really appreciate) in the group and is seriously so sweet.

  2. Grow Your Blog — consists of daily threads that allow you to share social media and blog links. If you join, make sure you read the rules for each type of thread so you know you’re participating correctly. These are great ways to get some traffic and engagement!

  3. Society Gal — this is a new group for me, but I’ve already found it really helpful. This community is for creative female entrepreneurs and also includes several threads, interactive posts, and great advice. Definitely recommend if you are just starting out!

  4. Creative Hive VIP — specifically for handmade business owners and run by Mei from Creative Hive. I love her blog and the resources in this group!

  5. The Social Salad — I’m also new to this group but it’s very similar to Society Gal. Lots of great info here!

  6. Think Creative Collective — this group is so helpful for creative entrepreneurs! I’ve posted there a few times and have received very helpful responses. Direct promo links aren’t allowed (just so you know), but Abby and Emylee are amazing female entrepreneurs that have published some pretty incredible resources for you! I’ve participated in a couple of their free webinars and walked away feeling like I gained so much information. A lot of people ask questions in this group, so even if you don’t post a question yourself, it’s highly likely you’ll find the information you’re looking for within the discussion posts.

  7. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers — run by Allie of She has over five years of blogging experience and although I have yet to post here, the conversations I’ve viewed are great so far!

  8. Club Flourish — if you run an Etsy shop or a handmade business, this is THE group for you! This group requires a paid subscription, but is totally worth it! They offer in-group courses and legit, expert advice on all things handmade. It is a great community to be a part of, and they also have a subgroup where you can advertise your handmade business — Flourish Market. It’s truly worth every penny.

  9. Grow Your Blog: Bloggers SEO Suport: this group is brand new to me! I’ll keep you updated on my thoughts, but it can’t hurt to request to join!

  10. Artist Indie: Etsy Sellers, Makers & More — another crafters group. This is a free group that allows you to interact with other makers. Lots of helpful info here and plenty of other handmade business owners who are pursuing their passions. They are affiliated with Club Flourish and Flourish Market.

  11. LLL Insiders — This group is run by the amazing and successful podcaster, business owner, and former photographer, Jenna Kutcher. If you don’t know Jenna yet, you need to get familiar with her. Jenna is one of the most inspirational women you will ever come into contact with. In order to get access into this group you must first purchase Jenna’s List to Launch Lab course, which is all about email marketing. This has been such a helpful group for me in regards to growing my email list!

  12. Blog-Doo Babes — if you know anything about Lauryn Evarts, then you know why this group is necessary. This is a space to connect with fellow bloggers — there are a ton of great questions in the discussion section of this group and it’s a great place to connect and learn from other women!

There are a few other groups I browse daily, but this is a list of my top twelve. I really can’t stress the importance of communities enough. Whether you join one or all twelve of these groups, find a handful that work for you and be active in the discussion forums! Even if you don’t post something yourself, comment on other posts and browse through the resources offered in each group. Even just browsing through a few groups 20-30 minutes a day will be helpful for your brand. If you ever have any questions about social media communities, don’t hesitate to reach out!

What communities are you part of? I’m always looking to join more!