how I tripled my blog traffic in one month as a new blogger

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Throughout the years I’ve had several blogs about various topics, but none of them stuck for very long. I never posted consistently, and would go months in between posts. This time around I knew I wanted to write about things I was passionate about and focus on actually growing my blog.

I’ve been blogging here consistently for a little over a month; while I’m certainly not an expert I wanted to share with you what’s been working for me in driving traffic to my site. While my views aren’t insanely impressive, they’ve grown drastically in a short period of time and I want to show you all the real process of growing this new blog. If you’re wondering how I tripled my blog traffic, here is a list of exactly what I’ve been doing:

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase. Thank you so much for your support!

Posting consistently

I can’t stress this enough. Whether you decide to post once a week, twice a week, or three times a week, it’s important to remain consistent. Going weeks or months without posting anything certainly isn’t going to help increase traffic. The other piece to this, though, is providing quality content and not just posting for the sake of posting. You want to make sure you are providing your readers with well written, thoughtful content that isn’t just being slapped together — really take the time to write your posts and produce something of quality.

Utilizing Pinterest

Being active on Pinterest has been a total GAME CHANGER. Once I figured out what my domain name would be here, I made sure to sign up for a business account with Pinterest (if you haven’t done this yet, go do it right now!). This allows you to set up rich pins, link back to your blog or website, and see how many people are viewing and pinning your content. My monthly views on Pinterest continue to increase (more on that later), as I stay active uploading my own pins and re-pinning relevant content onto my boards. I sign in to my Pinterest to do this all the time but I also use Tailwind to schedule pins and post to a few different tribes. This saves me SO much time and is such a helpful tool for growing your Pinterest. I’m working on a post all about Pinterest and Tailwind, but for now you can sign up for Tailwind here. You can also learn everything you need to know about marketing your brand with Pinterest in this course I created for you.

Staying Active On Social Media

A lot of what I read about growing your blog tells you to focus on one or two social media platforms so you don’t overwhelm yourself. I personally focus on Pinterest and Instagram. While my Instagram is still a work in progress (figuring out a cohesive feed can be soo frustrating), I post there daily, use my stories and comments to connect and engage with my followers, and make sure my blog is linked in my profile. I get a decent amount of traffic to my blog from Instagram, and make sure to let my followers know when a new post is up.

Connecting with Your Readers

Don’t ignore your readers! After all, they are supporting your work when they visit your blog and read your posts. When someone comments on a post I always make sure I take the time to respond. I’ve also recently set up an account through MailChimp so I can start building an e-mail list to connect with my subscribers and let them know about new posts, updates to my design shop, and share more content. I use MailChimp for my business and find it easy to navigate and schedule emails to customers, clients and readers.

Joining Facebook Groups

Besides Pinterest, this has been a huge reason I’ve seen growth here. I’ve joined a handful of Facebook groups for bloggers and it’s not only helped increase traffic on my blog, but it’s helped grow my Instagram too (I’m not a fan of Instagram pods, so Facebook groups are my preferred option). I’ve gotten to connect with so many other amazing bloggers and have learned so much about blogging through these groups. You can search on Facebook for “new blogger” groups or blogging groups pertaining to your niche. A lot of them post threads daily or weekly that will allow you link back to your blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. You usually have to engage with others who post their links as well, but this is a great way to find other blogs and accounts. Not only does it help your blog, but you help others grow their blogs as well!

My Actual Stats

One thing I wish I would’ve done right off the bat when I started my blog was link to Google Analytics. I did that recently, but it would’ve been so helpful to have done that in the first place.  Squarespace does have an analytics tab, though, so I’m still able to track my traffic from there every day too. The first image below is a screenshot of my analytics from September and the image below it is from October. You can see below how my blog has grown from the beginning of September to the end of October. While I realize these numbers are small in comparison to some other bloggers who have numbers into the thousands and ten thousands, I’m excited that I was able to more than triple my traffic over the course of a month! I’m planning on sharing my analytics every month so you can see how what I’m doing is effecting my traffic.

If you have some great suggestions for how you’ve increased your blog traffic, I’d love to hear them! I’m looking forward to seeing how my blog grows this month and sharing that with you!