free stock photography that doesn't require an e-mail sign up to download

Running your own business or blog requires a lot of work, especially if you’re a one-woman show like I am most of the time. I take a lot of my own photos for my business, but I’m not super skilled at arranging the perfect flat lay or capturing the right photo to add to a blog post.


This is where stock photos come in. Thank goodness for whoever cooked up the idea to make stock photography available online because it is one of my biggest time and sanity savers as a blogger and business owner. If I can’t photograph it myself, I head to my favorite stock photo sites to see if they have something close to what I envision.  

There are TONS of options when it comes to stock photography. Some sites will require you to subscribe to their email list and/or charge you a fee in the form of a monthly or annual membership, a package, or per photo. I personally prefer to use reputable free stock photo sites — ones that require you to subscribe to an email list and ones that don’t. 

Today I’m sharing my favorite stock photo sites that don’t require you to sign up for email marketing because let’s face it — we all probably have way too many emails currently cluttering up our inbox. I will, however, be adding another post of stock photo resources that do require an email to download, but for now take a look at these awesome sites you can start using today:

Unsplash — by far my favorite free stock photo resource. Simply type in what you’re looking for in the search bar, browse, and download your favorites! You don’t have to give credit to the photographers but they leave their socials/links when you download each photo so you can link back to them if you wish. I absolutely love using these images in the digital designs I create in Canva. The photo below I found while searching “flatlay lifestyle.”


Pixabay — another favorite of mine. Pixabay comes in at a close second for me. Similar to Unsplash, you’ll search, browse, and download. Super easy! You may find some repeats here that are also seen on Unsplash, but there are plenty of unique photos to choose from. If I can’t find what I’m looking for on Unsplash, I head to Pixabay.


GOLD AND BERRY — this is a new one for me, but I like what I’ve seen so far. To find the photos, just start by browsing through the freebies section; you can find plenty of beautifully styled stock photography that can be downloaded right to your computer or mobile device.

Stokpic — You’ll find a ton of stunning photos on this site. My favorites are the tropical landscape shots like the one below. You can browse through their categories or search for a specific type of photo here. Their selection isn’t quite as expansive as Unsplash or Pixabay but you’re sure to find something that can work for your brand.

Ivory Mix — This is the only site that I’m breaking the no-email-signup-rule for because these photos are absolutely incredible. When you sign up for Kayla’s free stock images, you get immediate access to over 550 beautiful images. Once you’re signed up you’ll enter the password to gain access and you’re good to start downloading. I can’t recommend this site enough!

Do you have any favorite free stock photo sites? I’d love to add more to my list!