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Hey friend! I'm Elizabeth and I'm so grateful you stopped by my little corner of the Internet! This adventure started a couple years ago as a way to hold myself accountable in my efforts to get back in shape. I chronicled my experience through my blog and instagram under the handle, blissfitly.

When I sat down to revamp my blog I felt compelled to share more of my life than just how I work out and what I eat. So much has changed in the last couple of years that I realized the focus of blissfitly had changed, too. Writing has always been something I've enjoyed; it's always served as an outlet for me. I've attempted many blogs and even a YouTube channel in the past, and finally feel ready to return to this space.

You'll find a little bit of everything here, but my ultimate goal is to provide others with easy how-to’s and tutorials that can be applied to their blog, business, or just every day life. You’ll also read about some of my experiences as a former teacher turned entrepreneur trying to juggle it all! My hope is that you find something of value while you're here!